When in doubt, try nutrition first.

- Dr. Roger Williams, Genius of nutrition

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At DuPage Dietitians, we strive to avoid the influence of industry and competing non-profit and government agencies. However, we take the best from each source that includes scientific research, ancient health practices, and modern medicine. We believe that nutrition therapy is a treatment approach that works well with modern medical care and with many forms of complementary care.

We also believe that both the mind and the body play an important role in one’s well-being. Nutrition plays a crucial role in treating and preventing both mental and physical diseases. Our bodies are made of various nutrients and need proper nourishment on a daily basis. Nutrition is vital for the body’s optimal functioning.

“Rediscovering the Art and Science of Nourishing”

Eating Disorders

Chronic diseases prevention and Reversal program

Strategies to prevent diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune conditions, and obesity.

brilliant eating

Based on her years of experience cooking and creating innovative recipes with lentils, beans and spices, Deepa is developing minimally processed Ready To Eat legume based products.

Plant protein, high fiber, prebiotic fiber, super flakes.

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Our Team

We understand making lifestyle changes are a process. It all starts with understanding why it is important and then learning how.

Deepa Deshmukh



An expert in all chronic disease management such as diabetes, heart disease, weight management, food allergies, celiac disease, ADD, Autism, and any autoimmune conditions.

Victoria Rosenfeld



An expert in sports nutrition

Lou Ann Chvatal


An expert in eating disorders, exercise and fitness

  • R B

    1. What was your main reason for visiting a dietitian?
    Have been struggling with weight issues for past 20 years. Tried eating less, exercising more and other combinations of many strategies only to end up becoming frustrated. My medical doctors did not help any. Got all sorts of cookie cutter responses that implicated me rather than help me. Was never once asked what I eat. Overall I had developed a rather dark view of the fact that nobody could help me.
    2. Did you try weight loss programs or other dietitian in the past? If yes please briefly describe why it worked or did not work……Chose to follow Atkins, Jenny Craig, Team Beachbody but got disillusioned over time. These are not sustainable programs. Two or three weeks are as much as they last. Going to the gym regularly and eating healthy food was something I believed in. Going to the gym regularly and eating healthy food was something I believed in. Though I could not place a finger on what I was doing wrong, I believed going to the gym regularly and eating healthy food was the right thing to do.
    3. What signs and symptoms improved in first 10-12 days on been on the Power Me Up Now ? For example less cravings, more energy, lost inches, improved bowel movements, feeling of satiety etc..
    The first few days were rather traumatic – more due to anxiety of the unknown. Within a week a dramatic change took place. I was feeling better, sleeping better, my skin was smooth and supple, and I was energetic. What buoyed me was the fact that the weight was simply melting away. I lost inches while gaining confidence in myself. It was rejuvenating.
    Dark circles under eyes lightened. Stomach flattened out. Lost 10 lbs in 1 month.
    Deepa’s approach is qualitative as opposed to the prevailing quantitative.
    The question is “What are you eating?” rather than “How much?”.
    4. What did you like about the Power Me Up Now program? And will you recommend this to others….
    I liked the fact that Deepa lends a personal touch to this program. She customized it to my dietary habits and not once did she talk about controlling portions. I guess she knew that would follow if the body is nourished right. I now see that if I feed it the right nutrients, there are no cravings. Also another important aspect of the program is the fact that she did not just take away certain foods. At every point, there was guidance offered to replace what was taken away. I sent her email all times of the day during those days and I received a lot of support. This program comes highly recommended if you want to improve the quality of your life.
    5. Do You think the Power Me Up Now program is sustainable…..if yes why?….If no why?
    Absolutely positive without a doubt. It is a lifestyle change. Even if I go away from it during 1 meal, I tend to return to it right away on my own. It makes me feel satisfied and happy at all times. I have a second lease on life as a result of this program.
    All GI issues vanished.( my PCP asked me during my recent physical doctor who said- why does a
    healthy lady like you have such a long list of issues in the history?)

  • Colleen M, Naperville

    Finding Deepa and the DuPage Dietician’s practice has been a miraculous, life changing experience for me. I have dealt with digestive challenges from childhood, and at 57 found it had escalated to severe intestinal problems along with a decreased immune system. I was sick with bronchitis, colds and flus a good part of the time, as well as having little to no daily energy. I missed weeks of work over the last three years due to health problems and was losing hope.
    My journey continued with visits to several medical doctors, allergists and gastroenterologists over the course of those three years. I spent literally thousands of dollars. The doctors prescribed medications for me to treat symptoms, which then in turn caused hard to deal with side effects. Ultimately these medications made me sicker. I lost a lot of weight in a very short period of time, which caused me to feel weak and afraid to drive to work. I found a way to get to work through small neighborhoods in case I felt faint and had to pull over. At lunch time, I would find a quiet place and go to sleep so I’d make it through the afternoon. I cancelled social activities and missed more work days. Finally, I decided to see a long-time friend who is also an internist. Her reaction to my weight loss was, “Colleen, you are scaring me!” All regular blood tests show you are healthy. So what was going on?” She insisted I work with a nutritionist to gain weight. That’s where Deepa comes in.
    My reason for making the appointment with DuPage Dieticians was primarily to gain weight, but what I discovered is that what was going on with my body went much farther than just losing weight. My first visit with Deepa gave me hope! She explained how gluten intolerance affects the body and intestinal system. I suffered with many of the symptoms listed under gluten intolerance. In fact, I have most likely been gluten intolerant my entire life. This in turn weakened my immune system, which had fought the good fight and then died. Deepa listened, provided very specific instructions for the next four weeks of diet, including probiotics and menus and told me to stay in touch with her via e-mail. I did e-mail her several times over the course of those four weeks.
    During that time, I began to feel a little better. After the four weeks, I went back to visit. Deepa again worked with me to add a few more foods and some liquid vitamins. Off I went for another month, again feeling a little better than better. I was starting to heal!
    Today, it has been three months. I have increased energies, have stopped losing weight, and am no longer afraid to drive to work. I shared with Deepa on my third visit with her, “I am driving on main streets again!” I know, sounds funny, but when you have to work to support a family and don’t want to lose your job, you find a way to get through the days despite how sick you feel. We shared a laugh at how funny my comment sounded. I have to be very careful about what ingredients are in any food. I am sure to steer clear of grains, soy and dairy, but it has been worth it! My life has totally changed for the better because of the very excellent care and instruction Deepa has provided.
    It’s been a long journey and I’m still mending hoping for that 100%. I look forward to continued health and vitality and highly recommend Deepa and the DuPage Dietician practice.

  • S Graham

    1. What was your main reason for visiting a dietitian?
    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease few years ago. I have struggled with weight issues for a very long time. I had low energy, severe food cravings and just feeling of overwhelming out of control health situation… . I started this program day after Thanksgiving 2013..
    2. Did you try weight loss programs or other dietitian in the past? If yes please briefly describe why it worked or did not work……
    In order to get my weight loss under control…I decided to have a gastric lap band surgery. I had surgery back in 2007. I initialy lost 65 lbs but gained it back in last 2 years and was back to where I was prior to the surgery. I was mentally and physically suffering..
    3.What signs and symptoms improved in first 10-12 days on been on the Power Me Up Now ? For example less cravings, more energy, lost inches, improved bowel movements, feeling of satiety etc..
    The program did sound restrictive and I wondered how could I possibly follow it … but the meal plan helped me. I started following it and within the first 2-3 days my cravings were GONE and that is not usual for me. I have lived on dairy products like cheese and yogurt… feels addicted but since starting of the program 2 months ago I have allowed myself to have something twice that is not part of the program. I however do not feel restricted.. I do feel like coming back to my plan as it does make me feel better.
    4.What did you liked about Power Me Up Now program? And will you recommend this to others….
    I loved the fact that my health conditions have decreased after such a non invasive treatment.. I have lost 25 lbs 8 weeks. I do not count calories but I make sure that I am eating foods that are nourishing… I have not started exercise yet but I will soon and I will feel better when I start that.
    5.Do You think the Power Me Up Now program is sustainable…..if yes why?….If no why?
    I think this program offers amazing tools to keep mind and body healthy. I do not consider this a” diet” As a mom in my 40s I have always taken care of others around me. I am doing this for me. And of course for my family. They are also benefiting from this…it is also exciting to use my creativity and make something new that fits meal plan and my family does not even know…that dairy, gluten and sugar is missing.. food taste better now.. Everyone should give themselves a gift of caring for themselves!!!

  • T Hunt

    ( Chief Complaint was fatigue, fibromylgia, weight gain, hunger, cravings GI issues: gas and bloating )

    Within first 3 weeks being on a anti inflammatory diet which took out the items from “hit list”. I lost 5-6 lbs…and most importantly significant improvement in my energy. Going to Zumba was not a drag any more. I used to eat Panda express and fast food EVERYDAY… my desire to eat that went away… my medication list went down by more than half. I was able to cope with situations better…I never realized it was all related. Most importantly my taste buds started to evolve… food and new food specially taste very good now… It is been a year and I have been through a cycle on this program. I have been able to maintain my weight loss of 20 lbs and most importantly my eating habits changed forever for good… Having a monthly support has also helped me stay on track…and get new ideas about cooking, new recipes etc..This is a very sustainable program because it has all the tools and steps explained in a common sense easy to understand manner.

  • Cheryl

    ( A mother of teenager!! )

    Deepa Deshmukh did an excellent job with my very resistant teenage daughter who was eating poorly, not feeling energized and gaining weight. In a very compassionate and understanding way, Deepa was able to suggest healthy alternatives and strategies for incorporating healthier food into the vocabulary of a typical teen who craves junk food and sugar. No advice from mom was going to work, but Deepa managed to get through and make a difference. I am extremely grateful as we continue the journey toward healthy eating, against the tide of advertising, peer pressure and sugar additives.

  • Lisa

    I came to DuPage Dietitians because I was having some major digestive/intestinal issues since altering my food intake for weight loss, and taking very strong antibiotics at the same time. I got help from Deepa, as she was very interested in hearing my weight loss plans and also my motivation to stay on track. She taught me how to balance my diet by including healthy carbohydrates instead of removing them completely as I was doing. I started incorporating the various foods she recommended, and as a result I started feeling better each day. Deepa even took the time to call me a few days later to check-in and see how I was doing. She also advised me to start some form of exercise that I might enjoy. So I started taking dance classes, and now I am continuing to lose weight in a healthier manner, and I feel great.

  • Yuvett

    My experience with Dupage Dieticians was life changing. My search was specific and it was amazing finding the perfect dietician [Deepa] who was very knowledgeable in assisting me with healthy eating and weight loss. My greatest challenge was to finally become a vegetarian after many tries on my own. The info received from Deepa made this an easy transition and made it much easier to reach this important milestone. I also learned much, much more than I was looking for; from gluten free to organics. Thanks Deepa!