Boosting your immunity starts in the kitchen. Check out these 3 easy, nourishing recipes to start boosting your immunity!

It’s easy to start the weight loss journey, it’s hard to stick with it. If you’re looking for reliable recipes that are nourishing and delicious, look no further. Here are 3 weight loss-friendly recipes!

Cravings can break even the most iron-clad diets. Unhealthy foods are everywhere, and the temptation can be overwhelming. Rather than avoiding, use these 3 crave busting recipes to satisfy your cravings the right way.

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Start Your 5 Day Detox to Cut Cravings, Restore Energy, and Lose Weight

When in doubt, try nutrition first.

- Dr. Roger Williams, Genius of nutrition

Sports nutrition

Our story

At DuPage Dietitians, we strive to avoid the influence of industry and competing non-profit and government agencies. However, we take the best from each source that includes scientific research, ancient health practices, and modern medicine. We believe that nutrition therapy is a treatment approach that works well with modern medical care and with many forms of complementary care.

We also believe that both the mind and the body play an important role in one’s well-being. Nutrition plays a crucial role in treating and preventing both mental and physical diseases. Our bodies are made of various nutrients and need proper nourishment on a daily basis. Nutrition is vital for the body’s optimal functioning.

“Rediscovering the Art and Science of Nourishing”

Eating Disorders

Chronic diseases prevention and Reversal program

Strategies to prevent diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune conditions, and obesity.

Brilliant Eating

Our Team

We understand making lifestyle changes are a process. It all starts with understanding why it is important and then learning how.

Deepa Deshmukh



An expert in all chronic disease management such as diabetes, heart disease, weight management, food allergies, celiac disease, ADD, Autism, and any autoimmune conditions.

Victoria Rosenfeld



A range of experience in medically-based fitness, pediatrics, clinical nutrition, and DI-collegiate athletics has helped Victoria develop a well-balanced nutrition philosophy and has given her the ability to address a wide variety of concerns.

Lou Ann Chvatal


Lou Ann passionately strives to instill in the individual a desire and a means to grow exercise as a daily ingredient in one’s pursuits of optimal health and well being.