I had been sick with headaches and digestive problems for over 1 ½ years and had many tests done, such as endoscopy, colonoscopy and brain scan. I was put on several kinds of medicine and nothing helped. After talking with people who had a food sensitivity test from Naperville Wellness Group, I decided it was time to have a food sensitivity test done. I had a food sensitivity test in October of 2012 and the results found that I was sensitive to 33 foods. I was overwhelmed and did not know what to do. I was referred to Deepa Deshmukh at DuPage Dietitians for help navigating through these food sensitivities.

I met with Deepa soon after getting my results. My husband came with me to my appointment so that he could ask questions. He had many food allergies as a child, so he understood much more than I did concerning these issues. Deepa helped me through the mire of what I could eat and what I should avoid. Deepa was very understanding of the fact that this new eating plan was going to be difficult for me. I was ready to try this new eating plan because of my headaches and digestive problems. She helped me see that there were so many foods out there that I could eat. She explained the test results in detail and I need to be on a gluten, dairy, egg & yeast free diet. She gave me some literature that would help me understand these sensitivities and she explained information in the literature. I still refer back to this literature as a reminder of what I can eat and what to avoid.

She gave me a meal plan and a shopping list to get started for when I went to Whole Foods. She suggested I ask for help at Whole Foods from their dietitian that they have on staff. We went to Whole Foods following our appointment with Deep and the dietitian at Whole Foods was extremely helpful.
Deepa also explained that I must read every label before purchasing a product. She also suggested that I take vitamin supplements and probiotics.

I met with Deepa again a month later. I had lost 8 lbs and felt so much better. She asked me what I eat on a typical day and she was glad to hear that I had opened up to the idea of trying new foods. The time I spend at my appointments with Deepa go so fast because I am asking questions and she is giving me advice on new things to try to help heal my digestive tract.

After 2 ½ months on my new eating plan, I am feel amazing. My food sensitivity test was my first step and the next steps were discovering and implementing my new lifestyle of eating for my health. I have come to rely on Deepa for all information concerning what I consume. I trust her more than any other healthcare professional. Her compassion for me and how this has changed my life mean a great deal to me. I highly recommend Deepa as a very knowledgeable dietitian and she genuinely cares about your health.

Diane B.