Eliminate STUBBORN quarantine weight without stepping foot in a gym!

Nutritionist Deepa

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This program is for you if you…
  • Have tried other diets with no success
  • Want to lose that subborn weight
  • Are pre-diabetic or have diabetes
  • Want to clean up your lifestyle and add nutrition

What you’ll get:
  • One-on-one remote meetings with Deepa,
  • A comprehensive lifestyle assessment,
  • Help for those who are pre-diabetic or have diabetes,
  • A plan to clean up your lifestyle and add nutrition

What people had to say about our program:

Deepa is a wonderful person and a wonderful dietitian who genuinely cares about the health of the people she takes care of. I have type 1 diabetes and with her help I am feeling more in control and full of more energy! My problem was always inconsistentcy with meal planning and finding the right meals or even going out to get the ingredients! But working with her helped me stay on track and set a stable healthy diet. Diets may sound scary to certain people, but taking one step at a time and with help, it makes it easier to get and stay on track even if you may have your off days. Deepa is very willing to help out in any way she can and to get over the humps or difficulties and work with you to be the best you you can be!


Deepa is smart, kind, and listens when I have questions and provides valuable feedback and suggestions. Deepa has been supportive in my anorexia recovery and has helped me maintain my veganism throughout. She also respects my holistic approach to recovery and that’s something I really appreciate.


“Meeting with Deepa was eye-opening and extremely helpful! She asked a lot of questions about my habits related to food, which I felt enabled her to give me the appropriate advice. She always left room for me to ask questions if I was uncertain about something, and seemed just as excited as I was that I was learning! I truly can’t wait to go back.”

-Amanda K.

In this online customized health program, you will learn a completely NEW way to approach your health.