Deepa Deshmukh

MPH, RD, BC-ADM, CDE<br /> Co-founder

Deepa has a unique background that includes training in food science and nutrition. As one of only a handful of dietitians nationwide who are board certified in advanced diabetes management, her clinical expertise is second to none. She is also a certified diabetes educator and holds certificates in Adult Weight Management. She also provides insulin pump training and Diabetes Self Management Education for those coping with diabetes. Deepa is a member of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is also on a content expert panel for the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Many of Deepa’s recommendations are based on the principles of the ancient “Ayurvedic System of Medicine” where the focus is on healing and nourishing the body and mind by eating natural and wholesome foods. Her passion for wholesome food is evident by her ability to create recipes using in-season and natural ethnic ingredients that fit into one’s daily lifestyle. She uniquely blends both the Eastern and Western principles of nutrition to achieve optimal health.

Deepa is also a well-known speaker and instructor. Her most recent speaking engagements include the Gluten-Free Expo in Oakbrook and the joint meetings of the Chicago Nutrition Association and Kendall College in Chicago. She speaks regularly at the Whole Foods food allergy support groups and the Calvary Church in Naperville. She is frequently quoted in local newspapers and magazines and was most recently quoted by Naperville Family Magazine and WGN TV.

While she is trained and qualified to help you with a wide variety of concerns, her specialties include: Diabetes Management, Cardiovascular Disease, Adult and Pediatric Weight Management, Celiac Disease and Food Allergies.

Victoria Rosenfeld

RD, CSSD, LDN<br /> Co-founder

A range of experiences in medically based fitness, pediatrics, clinical nutrition, and DI collegiate athletics has helped me develop a well-balanced nutrition philosophy and has given me the ability to address a wide variety of concerns.

I served as Princeton University’s Sports Dietitian for its 38 teams and 1,200 Division I varsity athletes from 2009 to 2016. I provided performance nutrition counseling and education for student-athletes, coaches, and teams that supported many individual and team successes- including enhanced recovery and return to play after injuries. Inter-disciplinary collaborations with athletic trainers, strength coaches, physicians, psychologists, and nurse-practitioners were a highlight and resulted in excellent performance and health related outcomes for student athletes.

I was also the nutrition therapist for the University’s outpatient eating disorders treatment team which has a reputation for being one of the best college treatment programs in the country. The team consisted of some of the most talented and highly skilled professionals I have ever worked with and had the pleasure of learning from.

I’ve counseled athletes from all sports and I have specialized experience with weight class sports (wrestling and lightweight crew) and middle distance track athletes. I was an invited speaker to both the NCAA Sport Science Institute Wrestling Summit in July 2015 and the National Wrestling Coaches Association annual conference that same year where I had the pleasure of co-presenting with a good friend and colleague, Clint Wattenburg, from Cornell University. In 2015, I co-presented at the Eating Disorders in Sport conference on the important topic of changing team culture and the prevention of the female athlete triad with Jodi Schneider from Princeton University. At the 2014 Ivy Plus Eating Disorders Symposium, I had the good fortune of collaborating on a presentation with Claudette Peck from Dartmouth University on implementing policy changes in athletics departments to improve identification, treatment, and prevention of the female athlete triad.

I have held many professional volunteer and leadership positions throughout my career, most recently serving as an elected board member for CPSDA. I was one of the first dietitians to become board certified in sports dietetics, have been an invited speaker at national conferences and have written professionally for trade and professional publications (under the name Victoria Rosenfeld). I have also completed two clinical research projects and continue to work toward publication.

Currently, my focus is on working with clients privately and using my passion and education to promote a healthier environment for people and the planet. By advocating for ecologically based agricultural practices and public policy changes that will improve access to high quality food, it is my hope that the health and wellbeing of all Americans, and the environment, will improve. I align myself with the core principles developed at Dietitians for Professional Integrityand speak out regularly about the importance of removing industry influence from the public health sphere.

Finally, I work part-time for the chefs at The Farm Cooking School where I have had the pleasure of seeing community in action. Their partnership with Roots to River is allowing people to learn about organic agriculture and the preparation of  nutritious, high quality food! It has also allowed me the chance to boost my own cooking skills! I love being in the kitchen!

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and completed my dietetic internship at Hines VA Hospital in Hines, IL. I recently received an MS in Biology from University of Nebraska where I concentrated my studies on ecology and environmental science. You can see my full profile, publications, and recommendations on LinkedIn at

Lou Ann Chvatal


The ideal client I treat is ready intentionally to implement changes that involve thought processes and behaviors involving food culture and healthy food adoption. Additionally, a willingness to partner exercise with healthy eating and lifestyle management helps ensure success with desirable body weight, body acceptance, and optimal health. I have worked extensively with individuals to achieve a healthy relationship with their bodies. I create an atmosphere for change via empathy and energy that has fostered success. My treatment plans are individually designed and include eating plans, tracking and identification of emotions, as well as exercise prescription when appropriate.
In addition to prescribing medical nutrition therapy for eating disorders and disordered beliefs about food, I have worked successfully with both individuals and families on: therapeutic weight management, disease risk reduction of chronic diseases, anxiety and mood related disorders, and female health challenges. I prescribe lifestyle therapy that realistically adopts mindful eating, whole foods, meal planning, and therapeutic exercise. I strive to create a positive connection with clients by incorporating the physiology of how the body works and the medicinal properties of food and movement.
I am affiliated with DuPage Dietitians as an Eating Disorder Specialist and Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Agent.