Deepa Deshmukh

MPH, RD, BC-ADM, CDE, Co-founder

Deepa has a unique background that includes training in food science and nutrition. She is one of only a handful of dietitians nationwide, who are Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM). She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and holds a certificate in Adult Weight Management. She provides insulin-pump training and Diabetes Self-Management Education for those coping with diabetes. Many of Deepa’s recommendations are based on the principles of the ancient “Ayurvedic System of Medicine” where the focus is on healing and nourishing the body and mind by eating natural and wholesome foods. Her passion for wholesome food is evident by her ability to create recipes using in-season and natural ethnic ingredients that fit into one’s daily lifestyle. She uniquely blends both the Eastern and Western principles of nutrition to achieve optimal health. While she is trained and qualified to help you with a wide variety of concerns, her specialties include: Diabetes Management, Cardiovascular Disease, Adult and Pediatric Weight Management, Celiac Disease, and Food Allergies.

Victoria Lambert

RD, CSSD, LDN, Co-founder

A range of experience in medically-based fitness, pediatrics, clinical nutrition, and DI-collegiate athletics has helped Victoria develop a well-balanced nutrition philosophy and has given her the ability to address a wide variety of concerns.

Victoria served as Princeton University’s Sports Dietitian for its 38 teams and 1,200 Division I varsity athletes from 2009 to 2016. She provided performance-nutrition counseling and education for student-athletes, coaches, and teams. Her interdisciplinary collaborations with athletic trainers, strength coaches, physicians, psychologists, and nurse-practitioners were a highlight, which resulted in excellent performance and health-related outcomes for student athletes. Victoria has counseled athletes from all sports and has specialized experience with weight-class sports (wrestling and lightweight-crew) and middle-distance-track athletes.

Victoria was one of the first dietitians to become board certified in sports dietetics.  She has been invited to speak at national conferences and has written professionally for trade and professional publications (under the name Victoria Rosenfeld). Victoria holds a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and completed her dietetic internship at Hines VA Hospital in Hines, IL. She also has an MS in Biology from the University of Nebraska with a concentration in ecology and environmental science. You can see her full profile, publications, and recommendations on LinkedIn at

Lou Ann Chvatal


Eating Disorder Specialist, Registered, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist.

Lou Ann brings 30 years of prescribing medical nutrition therapy for support and recovery eating from eating disorders in combination with prescription of therapeutic exercise when indicated. Her approach to recovery eating encompasses her clinical experience in the field of psychiatry, preventative, and behavioral health, to being an instructor of nutrition, exercise physiology, and wellness. She maintains affiliations with Chicago area eating disorder treatment facilities as an outpatient dietitian nutritionist.

Complementary Medicine Healthcare Provider for exercise’s role in:

  • disordered eating and body image
  • disease risk reduction
  • post rehabilitative injury support
  • healthy immune system
  • emotional and mental health

She seeks to educate her clients with an understanding and appreciation for how the body works that connects both the “why and how” our bodies need nourishment to heal and thrive.

Sadie Wells

I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer located in the southwest Chicago area offering both in-person and online nutrition and fitness training options! My passion is to help women get fit and healthy – no matter what the age.

Thank you for trusting me as your dietitian and fitness coach! I am excited to help you start (or continue) on your journey to health. One of the most profound experiences we can go through in life is the journey of self-transformation. We all have the unique ability to reinvent ourselves an unlimited number of times. Mindset is everything! I believe EVERYONE has the ability to change at any time, at any age. You CAN revive your energy and make your body thrive again! My goal is to make sure every woman feels the joy I feel and know they DESERVE that joy too!

Elizabeth Osorno


Elizabeth Osorno MD, MS, RDN, is a bilingual – speaking both English and Spanish fluently – bicultural private practice dietitian based in Chicago, Illinois.

With a medical background, her expertise focuses on preventative nutrition and Plant-Based Latin forward nutrition. Elizabeth believes every person is unique, and their nutrition is too.

She focuses on listening to your individual needs and preferences so that you can take control of your health and reach your goals.

She recognizes that small sustainable changes can have a more significant impact on health compared to quick fixes.

Deepa Deshmukh



An expert in all chronic disease management such as diabetes, heart disease, weight management, food allergies, celiac disease, ADD, Autism, and any autoimmune conditions.

Victoria Rosenfeld



A range of experience in medically-based fitness, pediatrics, clinical nutrition, and DI-collegiate athletics has helped Victoria develop a well-balanced nutrition philosophy and has given her the ability to address a wide variety of concerns.

Lou Ann Chvatal


Lou Ann passionately strives to instill in the individual a desire and a means to grow exercise as a daily ingredient in one’s pursuits of optimal health and well being.